Monday, April 01, 2013

March Candids

This post isn't about a specific's really just some random pictures from March.  So, enjoy!

Jonas worked hard on finishing his Avengers puzzle!
From March 2013

Watching videos and reading stories with Aunt Lisa
From March 2013

From March 2013

We went to a Sugar House with everyone to learn about how maple syrup is made - yummy!  We rode behind a tractor down to the sugar house, looked at all the steam from the boiling sap, and walked a little bit down the trail to see the lines tapped into the maple trees.  

After the sugar house we went back to Duane's for a 4-wheeler ride and to play at the creek in the woods.

Hopefully the April posts will have some sunshine in them!  But, we can't complain...we still managed to have lots of fun!

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