Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter Festivities

Jonas and I had a really great Easter. We started off on Saturday morning with dying some Easter eggs.  Jonas got really into it, and decorated each one with crayons before sticking it in the dye.  He wouldn't give any of them up afterwards either, no matter how much Papa begged.  :-)

Jonas' favorite egg:

Jonas hunted for his basket Easter morning.  The Easter bunny hid it in a really hard spot this year - in a suitcase!

After church, we headed out to Collins for lunch and flew kites.  It was a perfect day for it, and tons of fun!

We went to Grandma and Papa's for an Easter egg hunt and dinner.  This is the best picture I could get of the 5 cousins.

My super cute God daughter:

Mary took one of my Godson, Hayden, and me too, and I'll have to post that one after I get a copy from her.

Jonas and his Godmother:

And Jonas and me!

I hope you all had as wonderful of an Easter as we did!

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