Thursday, August 04, 2011


Jonas and I went on a trip to see Aunt Laura and Uncle Carlos in North Carolina, and then to Columbus to visit Papa Jon and Grandma Miriam. Here's the highlights!

Welcome to North Carolina! I can't tell you how good it was to see that sign after driving for almost 12 hours!

Our first full day in Charlotte we went to a local park that had a train, splash pads, and a playground. Jonas loved the train and even got to ring the bell! Although he was a little pouty at the splash pad because he didn't get to use the toy he wanted, he did manage to have some fun before we moved on to the playground.

Jonas falling asleep when I put in him time out:

On Tuesday we headed to Reed Gold Mine. This was really interesting, and Jonas was surprisingly into it. We checked out the museum, went down into the mines, and then panned for gold. Unfortunately, we only found a flake...which we can hardly see. So guess I have to keep my job :)

After the mine we went to Sonic (which is a treat for us Northerners), and enjoyed some slushies!

Tuesday night we went to the Charlotte Speedway for Kids Day. Jonas got a free bobble head, played in a bounce house, got his face painted, ate ice cream, and of course, watched the races!

Wednesday we had a nice relaxing day. We played in the sprinkler in Aunt Laura's yard, and played some Candyland.

Thursday we went to the Discovery Place. As always, it was a fun time! The big hits were the water area (who would've thought!), the old fashioned 3D movies, and the giant lite bright.

Friday we started our drive to Columbus. Thanks for a great time Aunt Laura and Uncle Carlos!

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