Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Growing Up

I realized yesterday that my little boy really is growing up.  This realization comes at a good time for me.  I have been slightly anxious about how he will do in Kindergarten, and about if he is ready to be at school all day long.  It seems like he is showing me in his own way that he is ready, even if he might have some struggles along the way.

We were eating lunch at Applebee's yesterday and Jonas had to go to the bathroom.  He insisted that I let him go in the men's room because "I'm too old to go potty with Mommy now".  He also went to a VBS program yesterday at a different school, and as I was dropping him off I realized that this is the first time I had left him somewhere and not stayed to teach. I told him I would pick him up when it was over, bracing myself for him to turn into clingy, whiny Jonas.  He looked and me and said, "you're leaving??".  I said yes, and his response was..."Ok!! Bye!!".

So, either he's growing up and ready for Kindergarten, or he's just sick of me (and if that's the case, he's going to be really disappointed with Kindergarten!).

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