Monday, July 15, 2013

Geneva on the Lake

My family just got back from a long weekend trip to Geneva on the Lake.  The weekend was great:  the weather was beautiful, we were with wonderful people, and the accommodations were fantastic.  

A lot of time was spent in the pool in the backyard of the house.  Of course, this was a HUGE deal for the kids, and it made our lives a lot easier, too.

The adults had a lot of fun in the pool, too, and made up lots of fun contests and games.

Geneva State Park was only a few minutes away, and they had a really nice beach that we also took advantage of.  I think Jonas ended up with more sand in his bathing suit than was on the beach.

Of course, we brought the boat and had some fun on that.  We even broke in the tube!  There is a severe lack of pictures from the boating adventures...but we were really wet.

We visited a local playground:

We also went mini-golfing, but I had misplaced my phone that day, so no pictures.  A huge "thank you" to Jon and Miriam for letting us use their vacation house.  By the way, if you are ever in the market for a vacation to Geneva on the Lake, let me know and I'll connect you with them to rent the beautiful house we stayed in!

One last picture, all the kids! (and Aunt Mary)

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