Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vacation - Day 2

On Tuesday, we headed over to the Lazy 5 Ranch. We rode on a horse drawn wagon through the park, and all different kinds of animals came right up to the wagon to be fed. We saw pigs, deer, emus, ostriches, water buffalo, giraffes, zebras, bison, cows, elk, goats, and even a rhinoceros! Jonas' favorite was the water buffalo, because you got to drop the food in their mouth and it made their face all dirty! I loved being so close to all the animals. I definitely had at least as much fun as Jonas! After the wagon ride we headed over to the petting zoo and to see some of the animals that are in cages. They even had a Noah's ark playground!

The wagon - We were right by the driver, who was very nice and taught Jonas a lot about the animals!

Feeding an emu

Feeding the giraffes - Jonas had to feed the baby because he was too small to feed the big ones!

Feeding the water buffalo - Once Jonas got some in his nose and he sneezed it out all over him, yuck!

Stop and smell the flowers

Mmmm, corn dog!

Noah's Ark playground

On the way back from the ranch we stopped for - you guessed it, ice cream!

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